With strong roots in geophysics and field operations, Peer brings over 50 years of critical, senior-level experience and expertise to our clients. We knew that for our business to grow and prosper, we would be called upon not only to provide dependable and reliable results, but to also make the entire project management experience better for our clients.

We are dedicated to bringing together the very best resources and management services in the seismic data acquisition industry to serve and support our clients at every stage of the process. Support and service that consistently provides data exactly how clients want it. Communication and attention to detail that clients can rely on. Every time.

Seismic data acquisition / Pipeline licensing / telecommunications

Oil & Gas Exploration Project Management

As a team, we relied on one another and our subcontractors, to complete 100’s of projects, of varying sizes, in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, the Territories, and Internationally.

Health and Safety are big issues in our industry and Peer is committed to our responsibility for the well being of our employees, contractors, the public and the environment. From senior management, though every level of the organization, strict and detailed guidelines for Health, Safety, and Environmental excellence have been established and they are followed in every phase of the services we provide.

pRoject management specialists